Every now and then we come across music that is very different, sometimes we find that some of the music is either interesting and/or too insane to publish. Well the 1700 Monkey Ninjas possibly falls into that category and ya know what? WE LOVE THEM!  These guys, quite possibly, created a musical style on their own. You may be asking yourself , How can a musician create a genre of music on their own, when there are hundreds of genres already in play? The simple answer for you would be, You just have to listen to the music to understand what we mean. Let me break it down for you and bring you up to speed on how song writing usually goes before we dive into the review:

Writing Techniques

(this is just my personal way of writing, some other ways may differ)

  1. You get inspired (Usually I see something or feel a certain way at that moment in time and I want to express it)
  2. I write and/or sing my feelings (usually when no one is around due to it seeing like I am bi-polar)
  3. Finding the perfect instrument to show my feelings through song (depends on the mood also)
  4. Create a chorus, then bridge, then fill in the song with verses (kind of backwards, but it works for me)

You see, each song on the radio, usually has 2 to 3 verses, 3 chorus’s and a bridge(that is the normal style of a popular song on the radio). These lyrics and musical notes are designed to fit the perfect mold of the average listener. The mold for 1700 Monkey Ninjas is out of this world. Each song is unique in its own way, literally….They deliver a style that doesn’t fit the mold of the average listener. With all of the elements they use for their music, you might just get lost and go into a musical daze of a euphoric dream.

Music Review

Have I mentioned that their music is completely free? All you have to do, is click here and it will bring you directly to their website. Let’s dive into their music review of the album entitled, (Le Cerveau) .


The first track on the album that dissolves into some swing/electronic moods that hits the spot on downright creepy. A professor speaks and quite honestly, will possibly give you a feeling of, What am I listening to? By far this is one track that could give you nightmares if listened before you go to bed.


This is the second track on the album and quite honestly, it is a fresh of breath air. After listening to the first track, the track sets the tone of how the album with progress. Done with another new style, they hit the mark that puts your brain at ease from the previous track.


The third track on the album is possibly the only track you would consider a “Ballad” of sorts. Not a bad mix with everything else on the album.


The fourth track, FRONTAL, hits you with the bells of AC/DC and gives you a feeling of meditation, performed with a hidden attempt to reach deep inside your inner self. This track makes you think if not forget what your listening to.


The Fifth track is somewhat of a gem, I begins to give you a style of electro dance but dives more into a subtle inspirational track.


The Sixth track can only be described as “Interesting”, It takes white noise, mixed with nature and dives deep down into the world of weird.


The Seventh track on the album takes you a distant place to what can only be described as Dorothy going back to OZ. With the perfect synth, the composure dives into the stem of your brain. It hits a chord that is uncanny.


The Eighth and final track on the album gives you the feeling of release from what has built up in your mind, soul, and body.

Final Thoughts

One thing I want to encourage people to think about is music, Music is inspiration. Whether or not you think this is a style of music, this is what it is. When you create something that is normal, people are always going to turn their heads, but then again, who the hell wants to be normal? I give major props to 1700 Monkey Ninjas for creating music they love and not selling out to the world of typical pop crappy hits. Check the band out in full on their Soundcloud page or at the top of this page. See Ya Soon Peeps!


Jack  Saint




1700 Monkey Ninjas - Defying Musical Abilities!
All in all, this group defies what music should be about!
4.7Overall Score
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