Miss Direction EP cover

Miss Direction EP cover

False Pretence are a five piece alternative rock band based the UK. The band mates various different musical tastes bring together harmonising guitars, striking drums and catchy vocal melodies. False Pretence can be difficult to place what genre they belong to, and have the determination to pull something new out of the bag every time and catch their audience off guard with what they are capable of.

In “Faint Reflection” the wrapping single of their upcoming EP titled Miss Direction, False Pretence pull their heavy guns straight from the beginning, playing fast and accurate to create their uncompromising sound and melody. The first two minutes of the song they reach a peak that breaks with a clean distortion that smoothly takes us to the second part in which the song begins to evolve and the band reveals its full capabilities and diversification- vocals, guitar and drums shows both softness and hard rock anger, all together creating a mind blowing song.

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A Faint Reflection of False Pretence
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