Being ready isn’t enough, you have to be prepared for a promotion or any other significant change.
Pat Riley

Even though Pat Riley’s quote comes from the sports world it fits perfectly on any artist, especially a musician, and in that note – shortly it would be a significant moment for Significant7.

Being Ready Isn’t Enough for Significant7

Ever since he was a little kid Sig was making music, together with his cousin IQ they would create their first tracks on a karaoke machine, at the time there were still records stores every other block, the two would get together and buy a single from the store pulling the instrumentals then record their first raps on cassette, that’s when the journey began.

He goes by the name Significant7, because if he can’t do the things he sets out for himself – it’s a bad sign, if 6 reps the devil, then 7 must rep God… Sign if I can’t 7.

SIGNifiCANT7 & the crew

SIGNifiCANT7 & the crew

Since the days of childhood Sig7 has grown musically, collaborating with many great talents such as Infinite Vision a crew with Nate Space, and Tom- D,  Awol One of the Shape Shifters, Elemental3 an LA based crew that is still active, and of course IQ,  together  they opened the label Intelligence Records.

If you’re lucky enough to put your hands on Sig’s first album Malodic Sensations that sold over two thousand copies. Available in mom and pop record shops… it’s out there in the universe, so if you find one be sure to send us one! for a full list of available music check out Significant7 on iTunes.

Significant7 worked on exclusive songs with 2Mex, Awol One, Abstract Rude, DKFellon, and Percee P the “legendary lyricist of the subterranean”, a major hip hop artist from the South Bronx, NYC who personally thanked Sig7 (executive production) and intelligence Records on his debut album called Perseverance.

In his early song Everything, Sig7’s style is reminiscent of People Under the Stairs and Heiruglypics in the early days, heavy hitting Cali sun soaked beat with a poignant message in the hook.

Significant7 in the Studio Cooking the New Album “Smartasses”

With a high set of goals and a mission to keep building and creating great music, you can currently find SIGNifiCANT7 in the studio where right now he is working on his new album with IQ titled “Smartasses” expected to be released in 2016, produced by Bobby Ruckuss they are creating a tight and kicking new album with an incredible production with huge beats combining trap, dubstep, underground, all in the same wave – this album is by far the best work of Sig7, the moment we were all waiting for.

If you are as excited as we are, don’t miss this chance @ The Viper Room with Madchild of Swollen Members & IQ feat. Significant7 Saturday, Nov 21st 2015.

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A Significant Moment For Significant7
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