Germany based Alexander Ehm has developed a reputation and quite the portfolio as a soundtrack composer but he also has been releasing music as a solo artist using a team of highly talented musicians to help bring his visions to fruition.

As The Mumford Music Experience you might expect this to be a Mumford Sons tribute or cover band, however that it is quite a unique, folk rockin’ experience made up of original music and original songs.

The newest single, It’s Never Too Late, presents a gentle, melodic, and infectious sound bed of elements from folk and pop which combine into a heart warming, encouraging ode to hurrying up because It’s Never Too Late to step up and get things done!

The Debut Album ” On the Way Home ” contains 11 Songs and will be released in stores worldwide on 20.06.2017.

Alexander Ehm - The Mumford Music Experience - It´s Never Too Late
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