Amanda Tinkler, A British singer/songwriter who truly embodies honesty with a fresh, organic sound was born and raised in the depths of Cumbria, England. Currently in Los Angeles, Amanda is collaborating with renowned producers and writers behind major artists such as Beyonce, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys and Aretha Franklin and more, to work on her upcoming music and establishing her own voice.

Growing up in a small English village, Amanda was drawn to her love music from a very early age which quickly was followed by success taking part of a popular local TV show in the UK,“Stars in their Eyes”.Amanda was the first to be selected for the Kids version of the show and was later named by show’s host Matthew Kelly in a live TV broadcast to be the reason that the show was created. Following her success on the show Amanda went on to perform at Festivals and events throughout the UK alongside major artists.

Whilst working on her debut solo record Amanda was invited by Boyzone to join them on their sold out reunion tour of the UK and Ireland. A dream that came true, Amanda jumped at the opportunity and performed for the duration of the tour.

At the end of 2016 Amanda released her official video for the song Pretender, taken from the EP Dirty Vinyl – click on the top image to watch and hear the full song.

Amanda, taken from her official Instagram page @amandatinkle

Amanda, taken from her official Instagram page @amandatinkle

The highly produced song comes to life with a beautiful video bringing out Amanda’s high vocal qualities matching to a solid pop star that she is. Amanda has drawn influence from what she considers to be the greats from every era with artists including Bettye Swan, Amy Winehouse, Dusty Springfield and The Ronnettes to name just a few. “I wanted to create something which takes us on a journey, that felt organic, that was honest. I want people to believe my version of cinematic vintage” Amanda says on her website, and no doubtedly delivers in this video.

Along the way Amanda has established a growing fan base that all can’t wait for her new upcoming EP which will be released in the summer!

Be sure to join and follow Amanda @Twitter , @Facebook  & @Instagram.

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