The groove driven middle-eastern rock band Electric Desert will be arriving in Poland this summer for two shows in Bialystok Festival and Warsaw.

Founded in 2012 Electric Desert features exciting original compositions, a fusion of Rock and Ethnic music influenced by middle eastern origins, driven by four accomplished musicians.

The Question of Your Origin Left You No Relief

Chatting with Nir Popliker (Guitars & Lead vocals) and Udi Krauss (Drums), members of the band via Skype during a break from rehearsals and preparations for the upcoming tour we got to learn more about their unique sound and where it comes from.

“Our music deals with who we are all the time. We mix different genres because we believe being an Israeli is a mixture of cultures in a huge sense, so in fact, we deal with our origins in every song all the time.” Says Popliker.

Electric Desert live

Electric Desert live

“The Balkan-Romanian feel and tonality comes from my parents origin and how I was affected by it growing up. It was “un-cool” to be of a Romanian descent so I tried to hide it… these days, however,  I really try using it as a part of our musical language, or at least as a huge influence, expressing my father’s heritage, where he, and my grandparents came from. You can especially hear that influence on ‘Sanatate‘ (to health) and ‘Peshte Romaneshte‘(Romanian fish).”

“As for the oriental melody part, after all, we live in the Middle East and it is very important for us to speak our “native” tonality through our music. The north african (maghreb) beat exists in other immigrants` cultures in Israel since the 50’s. it is not our direct origin but we most definitely derive our groove from its intensity and livelihood.“

Going out on a Blind Date with Your Fans

What can people expect to get at your live performance?
“Our show is a festival of sounds, grooves and beats from various influences: Rock & Roll, Middle-East, Africa, Balkan. Every show has it’s unique flirt with the audience”, says drummer Udi Krauss.

Krauss describes it`s like a blind date: “You know where and when it`s gonna take place but you have no idea how it’s gonna turn out…”

“We’re building a relationship with the crowd through the music and through making music that moves our souls and asses – two things that every human being has.
We are trying to give the message of celebrating life no matter where you are, where you live and what language you speak.”

Drink to Life’ Recorded & filmed during a band rehearsal

Electric Desert are:

Nir Popliker – Guitars & Lead vocals

Udi Krauss – Drums

Omer Lutzky – Bass

Eylon Tushiner – Woodwinds

Tour dates:

Electric Desert will be playing two shows in Poland:

Warsaw, June 12th 2015
Bialystok Festival, June 14th 2015

You can follow Electric Desert on Facebook & Bandcamp

An Electric Desert Strikes Poland
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