First off, I just want to give a big happy holidays to everyone reading this site. Whether it is a happy Kwanzaa, a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and any other holidays that are celebrated that I have not spoken of, I want to wish you the best in this holiday season of 2016.

Secondly, this is the season where all the artist come out and they show who they are. Some artist like to stand in the shadows and let the holiday season pass them by. But some artist want to come out and give their full range on the holiday season. No whether you’re Jewish or do you celebrate Hanukkah, or if you’re Christian and you’re celebrating Christmas,  this is the season where most artist come out and show their holiday spirit through classic holiday tunes. Most of the songs during the Christmas season, or should I say the holiday season, usually pertain to the birth of Christ. And then you have other songs that I really just define the holiday season in full and they never  leave any other holiday out due to being politically correct and all. But sometimes, just sometimes, there comes an artist, who is up-and-coming that wants to show the world their true gift of singing with a twist of holiday spirit. The artists I am writing about today is a talented singer/songwriter, producer and  a talented music director. The lady we are reading about, would be none other than Miss. Angela C. Howell. The beautiful woman does it all. She wears many hats and has many talents that some artists these days only dream about having.

An Original Christmas by Angela C.Howell & Friends

An Original Christmas by Angela C.Howell & Friends

Recently Angela has put out an 11 (original) song Christmas album. Some of the artists featured on this album are: Eric Anthony, Scott Hopkins, Angela C. Howell, Dave Lang, Chris McBurney, Phil Palonen, Lloyd T. Salisbury, and Brandt Taylor… with added vocals from Madison White and backing vocalists Sam Tambe and Sophia Redfearn.

An Original Christmas by Angela C.Howell & Friends

The lead single from this album is the adorable song, “Snap Me A Selfie, Santa”,  featuring Madison White and also Jayson Elliott portraying the big man himself, Santa. On this song, Madison delivers some pretty interesting and cute vocals. Madison is a young singer who in my opinion, we will be seeing a lot more of as she comes of age. I believe this song is one of those songs that will be stuck in your brain for this Christmas season and also for future Christmases. This song relates to the young generation and it becomes apparent that the whole “selfie” generation has become more influential by music.

Other songs on the album are An Original Christmas exactly what you are looking for this holiday season!

  1. An Original Christmas : This song has a little bit of a country twang for you old fashioned country song lovers. It will sure hit the spot when you first hear the opening line. It’s def a true “original” Christmas song.
  2. Shimmy Down My Chimney : Now this is one of those songs that will get your body grooving. I would say this might be the song that updates the classic, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus“. The reason I say this, is due to the fashion that it is sung in. It is very bluesy and as she sings it, you def want to be her Santa.
  3. What Child Is This : This is a song that has a very Broadway type of feel. While listening to this song, I can def hear this song being a lead song from a Broadway cast. Very original indeed!
  4. Snap Me A Selfie, Santa : I have def already let ya know about this song. I do like it and I am sure your kids will absolutely love it!
  5. Hey Santa : This is one song that brings the jazz and blues to your ears. In a way, it’s kind of like a woman having a sit down talk with the big man in red. An interesting take on the Christmas theme.
  6. Snow Blessings : She def sings from the heart on this song. This is where I would picture the little manger with all the Angels around watching little baby Jesus.
  7. Stranger In Bethlehem : This song is very interesting, meaning, she pulls no punches with what the song is about. She sends your ears into a blues type melody that will attract you hears and make you want to hear more.
  8. Christmas Lovin’ Blues : Obviously, the title of this song tells you the style of it. I can picture the late , B.B. King jamming on this track up in Heaven. For every blues lover, this will be YOUR TRACK! Trust me, it has all the styles of Eric Clapton to Stevie Ray Vaughn.
  9. O Come, O Come Emmanuel : Now when we said she made an “original” album, we didn’t lie. She took a classic and truly made it her own. She kicked ass in this rendition of the timeless Christmas song.
  10. Beautiful White (LIVE) : This is a song that was recorded live and it truly hits your blues loving soul. The instrumentation behind will def send shivers through your spine!
  11. Christmas Dreams (LIVE) : This is a pick-me-up type of Christmas songs that makes you look back on your Christmas memories and honestly, makes you want to call your family to wish them Happy Holidays.

Listen to the full album An Original Christmas by Angela C.Howell & Friends and more.

Angela C. Howell is one of those talented artists that makes you want to do more research on her as she moves forward in life. I only wish that I had the skills this artist does. To say that she is talented is just too small to say. She is honestly one of the most truest artist we have reviewed on our site. Check out the cute video of , “Snap Me A Selfie, Santa” above if you haven’t already and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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