Every now and then we here at The Music Reviews come across some bands that don’t always move us in any way. That’s not a bad thing, but when it comes to our musical taste, we just don’t like some of the music that is submitted to us. I’ve been writing on this site for over a year now and I have been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years and I have had my ups and my downs, with that being said, I recently found a band that reminds me a lot of myself; meaning, If I ever would have formed a rock band, this is the EXACT type of band that I would have formed. These guys in the band I am speaking of have a talent that can’t be contained into one article. This article is part 1 of 2. Yup you read it right, this is a two-parter! The next article will be a full fledged interview with video ; And the band I am speaking of would be the #1 unsigned rock band in Louisiana, they are called, ANXIETY!

Who Is Anxiety?

  • Kylor SnyderDrums
  • Connor Kelly – Bass
  • Nick Ducote – Vocals
  • Josh Sauseda – Guitar
Anxiety band members

Anxiety band members

All members of the band are Avoyelles Parish natives. They all have full time jobs and work their 9-5 gig then at night, they turn into Louisiana Rock Stars! One of the greatest things about this band that I do enjoy knowing, is that they are family oriented. With some of the members having children, they put their kids first. If one child is sick, and they have a show that night, there will be no show and all of the members understand this. One thing that the band members have is the attitude that up and coming musicians wish they had. Being a musician and while being in a band is hard, and you have to portray yourself as a “Rock Star”, most bands these days take that persona home with them and they tend to act like complete douche-bags all the time, well the members of Anxiety are not like this. They go on stage and they put a hell of a show on and then once they are done, they return home with their kids and families. Most people take those kind of things for granted.

Originality at It’s Finest

There are some amazing aspects of this band and I am going to go over them right now! Every band some times have original songs that sound like complete shit due to them not having the best singer in world. Anxiety’s originals are by far the best originals I have heard in a very long time and it makes me proud that they are from Avoyelles.

  1. Their singer, Nick Ducote, has a raspyness and grundge feeling to his voice that will make you smile ear to ear. Hitting highnotes and being a “Rock-Star” is hard for a singer to do, but Nick dives straight into the songs and will make you have an orgasmic feeling that will lift your head so high in the clouds that you won’t want to come back from.
  2. The drummer, Kylor Snyder, has a drum skill/pattern that most drummer would only dream of having. Me,    myself can  play the drums, but I will never be as good as Kylor. As he hits the snare with the toms and cymbals, it will send a feeling of pure thrash to your inner rock self. Each song having different patterns and if not more difficult than the last, he hits the nail on the head with each song.
  3. Their Bass Player , Connor Kelly, has a bass rhythm that can’t be touched by the normal bass player. Again, I play the bass guitar, but Connors musical ability to hit the notes at the exact moment of the drum bass pedal is astonishing. He has a way of letting you know that he is in the song. With a unique style and signature in every ANXIETY song, he sure defines what bass players are meant to be. I want to challenge you, the readers, to try to play along with Connor, I seriously doubt you can, this kid has some talent that can’t be measured by any man(see what I did there? You might not get the reference,but you soon will)
  4. Their guitarist, Josh Sauseda, lets you know that this band is not the band to make fun of nor critique in any way. Josh has been playing the guitar for over 20 years and it is very well shown. Josh has some guitar riffs on their songs that will literally melt your face away if you aren’t ready for them. Being in a band and also being the lead guitarists is a hell of a lot of responsibility. You have to set the tone for the rest of the band, you have be the one that melts the audiences faces, you have to be the one that doesn’t screw up one single note; EVERYONE , Josh is not the one to face with a guitar solo’off, he knows what he is doing and does it quite well with each song he performs.

Measure of Men: Album Review

The first album by ANXIETY entitled , MEASURE OF MEN was recorded and at GFM STUDIOS , mixed and produced by Billy Jeansonne of Plaucheville, La. I know Billy personally and when I heard the new tracks off this album, I was soon to text him to let him know that he did one hell of a job with each track. Billy’s style of mixing and recording is by far the best in Louisiana.


Anxiety band


I won’t go into labeling every title track, but what I will do is let you know that each track on this album defines what ANXIETY is all about. Each song being unique in its own way and having a mental connection will throw your thinking of a rock band in a whole new direction. I can personally say that some of the tracks on this album brought tears to my eyes due to the lyrics and song hitting a personal nerve of memories that I have of my late step-mother who passed away two years ago. There’s one track on this album that will bring tears to your eyes like never before; it will bring up those feelings of love and feelings of overjoy-ment at the same time.

Nick’s vocals hits a nerve that will make you gush out with excitement from every song.

Connors bass lines will make you cringe when you hear shitty musicians and make you wish he was on every rock song you listen to from that moment on.

Kylor’s style of drumming with have you begging for more after each song, the sad thing is that the cd ends, but the happy thing with it is that you can restart it and get a total different experience from the listening of this album.

Josh’s tauntric guitar solos will have you in a mist of desire-ment that will make you want to pursue every live gig they announce, with the stroke of his fingers on that guitar, you will wish you could have the same way of “Fingering Pleasure Factors”.

On April 16, 2016, they will premiering their CD and a concert at the PARAGON in Marksville, La. Tickets are on sale now! Oh, and Anxiety has decided to sell a limited number of CD’s before the Mari Center show on 4/16. A few places have been kind enough to put them on display and get EM out there! Don’t miss your opportunity. 1st place is Shawn’s Supercenter in Hessmer, La. Great supporter!

Below You Can Hear Some of the Released Tracks From the Upcoming Album!

One the many factors that I do love about this band is the local support that they are receiving. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a lot of bands over the years that have sprung up in Aoyelles Parish, but none has gained the following as much as ANXIETY  has. When fans are traveling over 300 miles to see their band perform in another state, you know you have to be doing something awesome! I am fully aware of the gas prices these days and that is a hell of a lot of gas to be spending!  Below is the Ferguson Family showing their support! William “Swole” Ferguson stands with his 3 boys. “Swole” is a proud supporter of these guys, he even supports them on his website for workout gear, visit his site and buy some gym gear!

The Swole patrol: William "Swole", Tanner, Tucker, Jace Ferguson

The Swole patrol: William “Swole”, Tanner, Tucker, Jace Ferguson

Below Are Other Photos of the Fan Support From Live Shows and Other Venues Around Louisiana and Florida!

Final Thoughts

Obviously I love these guys! Their music defines what real music is all about. Most bands aren’t “real” when they perform but these guys are seriously the real deal. They have a fan following that will make even the biggest rock band jealous. As they do their normal 9-5 gig called life, they are constantly thinking of ways to better themselves as a band and as original artists. Bands have come and gone in the Avoyelles Parish Region but ANXIETY will be the one band that proves to the local stereotypes that they can be the greatest act to come out of Louisiana. Other bands in the parish and the world need to seriously take notes of what this band is doing. Great things are coming their way, I can feel it in my bones. One attitude that they do have is the attitude of , “FUCK THE HATERS!”, they have had to fight their way up from the ground to get established as a serious band who wants to be taken seriously and readers, they have.

This is the one band in your life that you would forever regret not giving a listen to. Like I said in the previous paragraphs, this bands music defines what real musicians are. Some bands will say their originals are better, but what I say is , Show up or shut the fuck up! No band in Avoyelles Parish can compete with ANXIETY and that’s a fact jack! Other artist may say they have paved the way for ANXIETY , but how can they say that when their band is no longer together nor do any of their songs sound as amazing as ANXIETY’S . You can’t even compare what ANXIETY has done to other bands in the area nor the state. What I mean by all this is that I can personally say to everyone that reads this article, that ANXIETY will be the best band you have ever heard and you are going to wonder why they aren’t signed…but who knows……Where will ANXIETY be in a few years? Prolly on the cover of Rolling Stone showing a big “Fuck You” to all the haters that have never supported them. To sum everything up in this whole article would be for me to tell you to support your local music scene.

The only way that bands will ever make it will because of you supporting them. ANXIETY is a humble band that supports the music scene more than any other band that has ever graced the stage in Louisiana. With all this being said, I give the ALBUM , MEASURE OF MEN a huge 50/50 ROCK STARS! And for the band I give the upmost saying up KEEP FUCKING ROCKING! YOU ARE GOING PLACES AND NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!

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