Hey everyone out there! I just want to thank everyone for an awesome year of Music reviews and comments and likes on our Facebook page. You guys are the reason we still continue to write about new music which brings us to the first review of 2018. The artist I’m reviewing is a very unique artist and I mean that in all shapes and forms, he goes by the name of, Artdayn. With his new release called ‘Home Movie’. Before I start this review, I want you to know that this is a very sexually explicit song. So if there are any children around you when you click play on the link, I would suggest you get them out of the room or listen to this song on your headphones because it is not a song that is for you to be listening to while you’re at work and or around any family members that you respect. It’s a good song but it’s just really explicit with the lyrics.

home movie cover

Home Movie cover (@artdayn Instagram)

Home Movie was produced by Armando Doval at Electric Halo Recordings, this song is about a guy who is sleeping with a woman who is married. The song is very catchy and it has great qualities to it. One thing I will say about this song that it is definitely not radio-friendly because there would be so many beeps or mutes within the song that it would not be playable on the radio. Within the song he talks about how the woman wants to get all she can from him and I mean that in every single way; sexually, physically, and any other way you can think of. He describes this woman as a very sexual woman and he is giving her everything that she wants sexually, I cannot express this enough when I say the word sexually because it is a sexual song. It’s kind of like a fantasy for a guy who wants to go out there and just get all he can from every woman. Now the guy he’s speaking about in the song might be a douchebag or a homewrecker as they would call it in some parts of the world, but he knows what she wants in he gives it to her. Now if there was a music video to this song, I would only describe the music video as pure porn. Because there’s no other way that a music video for this song to go any other way due to the lyrics that are being song in the song.

I must say though Home Movie is a damn good song when it comes to the chorus and different things within it, but like I said it is a purely sexual song. I’ll share the lyrics with you  below, just so you know  what you’re in for  when you click play…

Home Movie – Written By Daynel Artiles Pineda, 


Ooh yeah, Ooh yeah
Ooh yeah, Ooh yeah

I met her on my way home
She got some nigga she don’t talk about him
We at my crib we’re getting fucking high without him
But she was still mad for what I’ve done
Cause In a minute I was gone
Then I got a text on my phone
She know her pussy’s mine, for the night
She don’t give a fuck who’s back at home

She got a lot of work to do
So I told her to come over
Cause I wanna be inside you
Now that I’m fucking taking over
Ooh yeah, Ooh yeah

I just fucked somebody’s wife
In my big ass living room
Bet I’m not the only guy
Hear the rapid banging sound
I just fucked somebody’s wife
Right against my fucking wall
She can really move no more
Said she was so fucking sore

If you want to set the mood for your other half, and this is definitely the song for you. If you want to give it to him or raw sex, then this is the song for you check out the song below and let us know what you think about it within the comments and be sure to like our Facebook page and go check out this artist.

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