Electric Radio Kings

Electric Radio Kings

So today we have a band that has a style that I would say sounds similar to Bon Jovi mixed in with Motley Crue mixed with a little bit of Guns-N-Roses and has a hint of INXS. The band goes by the name of, Elect...
Crow Eats Man

Crow Eats Man – FULL EP REVIEW!

Hey everyone! So today we have a band that is young and talented and they are bound to set the world on fire. The band goes by the name of, Crow Eats Man. Here are the listing of the band members: Member/Ins...

Southern Sykos Productions Seeks Bands!

Hey guys! CALLING ALL  bands and musicians alike! Southern Sykos Productions LLC based in Sunset, La is looking for music placement within their movies from all types of bands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Angel – Hero

Hello everyone! I hope the new years is treating you right. Today, we have an artist who has a very beautiful voice and covers a song that still inspires people to this day. The artist I am referring to goes by...
artdayn home movie

Artdayn – Home Movie [NSFW]

Hey everyone out there! I just want to thank everyone for an awesome year of Music reviews and comments and likes on our Facebook page. You guys are the reason we still continue to write about new music which b...


Happy holidays everyone I hope everyone had a good Christmas, Kwanzaa and any other special holiday out there. Today I am reviewing an amazing band called, Ravenscroft. They have released two new singles entitl...