Sounds that come and go. Songs that come in, rise, go down and echo through the dance floor around the world, but mainly, a unique, current and timeless sound, which makes the body of every House Music lover move. That is something particular about the music from Mexico, which keeps crossing borders. Mexico is a country that is regarded as one of the major cultural places worldwide, and, since recently, also a contemporary epicenter of electronic music.

One of the best examples of this, was the presentation of “B-Liv” last Saturday, in front of more than 100,000 souls in one of the most important stages of Latin America: “The Zocalo Capitalino” located in the heart of Mexico City.

B-Liv live @ "The Zocalo Capitalino" , Mexico City

B-Liv live @ “The Zocalo Capitalino” , Mexico City

B-Liv, one of the most outstanding producers and Dj´s in the Mexican House music scene, who, with his songs, has got a place in more than 14 charts this year and also nominated as best Dj in México and Best Producer in his Hometown Colombia, presented his project “Techxturas Sonoras” in the largest celebration of “Dia de Muertos” that Mexico has had in its history so far.

“Techxturas Sonoras” is a musical journey fully of electronic amalgams, techno sounds, something experimental and ambient, built it around historical audio testimonials of some protagonists of the popular and cultural history of México, giving the audience a new proposal far beyond a regular rave.

This musical approach made us to understand why B-Liv is a must in the electronic music scene of Mexico.

Check it out the live recording of “Techxturas Orgánicas” by B-Liv

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