Belle Vex is a born and raised Massachusetts pop rock artist. Vex began his music career at a very early age all the way to a BS degree in Audio Production. Later on in his life while living in California, Vex suffered major injuries in two different car accidents. It was only after some very difficult life choices that Belle decided to pursue his music for good.

Having built a strong local following, Belle Vex continues on his mission to take the world by storm.

On his new EP titled 15 Minute of Fame, Vex continues to bring us his unique style of “cool” to pop rock.

From the beginning of 15 Minute of Fame Intro we begin to get a glimpse of the wall of electro synths and beats that make you start to move in the chair.
Moving through the epic course of the next song titled “Famous” into the second verse the semi – dubstep sound takes charge and there is no doubt that Belle Vex will soon have much more than just 15 Minute of Fame…

Are you in or are you out…!? maintains the high quality of production, Vex changes the beats styles smoothly from a straight rock 4 on the floor to kick rocking upbeat, and back down to the most sincere and gentle part in the new EP.

By the time the song “Smile” with the great analog 80’s sound ends, dancing all over the house feels too small, “If We Keep Doing This We’re Screwed” seals the deal, We’re on the way to nearest club, it’s party time…!

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Belle Vex 15 Minute of Fame
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