Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders are a country rock, alternative country, hard rock, blues, folk band. The Rough Riders released their debut album The Last of the Originals in August 2014.

Bringing us their new song titled “Little Johnny “from their upcoming album “Greenbah” – One thing is clear from the first few intro bars is that this song has to be a theme song for the next HBO show, it can easily fit as the opening title of True Detective or a dark styled TV drama taking place somewhere in the south. The dark atmosphere of country slide guitars, fiddle playing, cymbals ending with drums roll all lead to the powerful entry of the singing vocals – now all’s left is to close your eyes, lay back and start picturing where this story is gonna take you…

To listen to “Little Johnny” click the image above.

The blues structure of the song gives you a feel of continuity that paints the song with a feeling of an endless journey, not going down the expected path of a chorus or exploding c-part.

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders with “Little Johnny” created by far one the best produced songs, country or rock we heard here at for a while now. We can’t wait to hear what’s next to come from their now anticipated album.

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders are:
Billy Roberts
Alex Quinn – Guitar
Ed Glass – Drums.

We couldn’t find an official Facebook or Twitter pages for the band, so it’s up to you to convince them – it’s about time!

We most definitely giving them a 5 stars rating for “Little Johnny” and recommending you as well to rate, share and leave us a comment below.

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders - Little Johnny
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