A Masterpiece Born of Pain

Bjork’s latest album is a masterpiece of transmitting the artist’s real pain and current struggle in life. it was written after her breakup with artist Matthew Barney. The album reminded me of another musician who made his pain into a masterpiece album, Beck, in his 2002 “Sea Change”. It’s not a secret phenomenon in the music world, and there are more than a few artists who had created beautiful albums  with the blood of their heart break. It seems to me that Bjork’s “Vulnicura” is going to join that list. It is an album that talks of the hardships in relationships, the ability to change or the lack of it, and mainly, the sensation of being lost after the love has died, after all attempts to bridge the differences have failed.

An Epic Struggle of Sounds

Bjork - Vulnicura

Bjork’s masterpiece born of pain

Bjork uses her skills with strings instruments, in a way that reminds more than a little her 1997 third album, “Homogenic”. But  the second and third listening presented me with another, deeper sound in this album. The electronic scene was always present in Bjork’s music, beats of electro, a beat of techno or dance. In this album the electro beats seem to have a different position. The fourth song of the album, Black Lake,  starts with a delicate and sad violin tune, later encountering a bass beat that gets faster and faster.  The bass beats and the strings seem to struggle with each other, one rising and sinking as the other starts, in this ten minutes voyage of a song. The feeling  of confusion and being lost is woven into “Vulincura”, coming from the sound, the lyrics and from Bjork’s unique voice and passionate singing.  Most of the songs in this album are more than six minutes long, complex and rich, giving the feeling of a collection of epic struggles.

Cure for Wounds

This is a slow album, dark,  contemplated, and absolutely beautiful. Bjork collaborated with two producers and DJ’s from the electronic scene, Arca and The Hexan Cloak, to produce the special sound of this post-break up album. Bjork said in interviews that the lyrics and the work on the album were her healing process, the songs describing the inner dialogues we may have after a long relationship has ended.

The meaning of Vulnicura is a cure for wounds.

If you have other ideas for beautiful break-up albums, you are welcome to write them down in the comments below. And don’t forget to vote and give your stars to this review as well.

Bjork- Vulnicura, 2015

Bjork album leak

Due to the fact that the album came out two months before the original planned date, because of an internet leak (oh, you patientless leakers, what ARE we going to do with you??), there are no singles out yet, therefore, no links to videos here. we will add them when they arrive.

Bjork's Beautiful Cure for a Broken Heart - "Vulnicura"
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