Every day we get emails from people wanting us to review their music. Sometimes….just sometimes we get an artist that we find on our own that completely makes us love music all over again. Yes, we get submissions from artists from all over the world, but what tickles our fancy, is when we find an artist that completely melts our hearts and melts our ears with music filled passion. With all that being said, I recently found an artist that does just what I said, he melted our ears with musical dreams of stargaze! This new artist goes by the name of Blow_flyy. Yep, I spelt it right (I had to look at his site several times to make sure I spell it right). Blow_flyy brings a whole new found love of rap that will make you want to listen to his songs over and over again.


Blow_flyy Is like No Other “Rapper”

Performing in all areas of Toronto, Canada, Blow_flyy delivers you a sound that you have been craving for throughout searching for music. The first time I heard his song entitled, ALL THAT SHE WANTS,  I was completely hooked on this guy. His lyrics are really touching, which is surprisingly amazing since I don’t listen to rap music that much. At the first note, you are understanding that this guy is like no other “rapper” out there in the world today. With a soul filled song about wanting to give your spouse nothing but the best, he delivers a sound that will make you want to go to the store and demand his album be sold there.


Blow_flyy has a reputation of being one of the only artists out there who actually feels like he is going to be an artist to look out for at the Grammys in 2016 and/or 2017. If there was ever an artist who defines what real rap is about, this would be the artist to listen to. Take a listen for yourself; below is a performance of his at a Landmarks Showcase Festival:

Blow_flyy Speaks the Truth About His Life

The difference’s Blow_flyy compared to other rap artists in the “game”, he actually talks to his audience and hears what they say. He takes a song and makes it his own. The one word I hear in a lot of his songs is , Honesty; honestly, he is most likely one of my favorite new rappers. All the rappers around the world are rapping about having lots of “bitches” and “monies”, well Blow_flyy speaks the truth about his life. He doesn’t pretend to be someone else (cough) (cough) Rick Ross……Yeah , I went there. Blw_flyy represents what rappers should be these days. He has a sense about himself that lets you know he has his head on straight and also, he doesn’t do it for the money. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure he just loves the money he makes from his music, but this guy teaches young kids to not be like the stereotypical kid. He talks about what he wants to be and what he has to do to get it. I believe in my heart, that this guy has a heart of gold. So modest and so eccentric in a way that will make you tilt your head and close your eyes, cause in a day that has been taken over by useless rap music, he will make you question yourself if you aren’t a fan of rap music.


With lyrics that speak straight to the soul of everyone listening, I seriously have no doubt that we will see this guy in the future on MTV and/or BET. Now….I think this guy is better than 99% of the artists on BET. I say that due to his lyrics, he is more intelligent than over half of them including the hosts of the show. He doesn’t represent himself as a “thug” or anything, his appearance is of an educated man with a sound mind who wants his art to speak for who he is.

Final Thoughts

Blow_flyy represents what rappers hope to be. I think this is the guy to watch out for. He is an amazing artists with raw talent that will make him soar beyond the charts and into our hearts. I recommend him to every young person that reads this blog. For once, let your children listen to a rapper who they can relate to. Through ups and downs, this guy shows you how to fly!

-As Always-

Jack Saint


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