Hey Everyone! Today we have an awesome album review for ya! Brannon are releasing a new album entitled, Road Less Traveled, following their debut album ‘Welton St’ from June 2014, and their debut Hip Hop album from 2015. Brannon is a studio based project/band, consisting of award winning songwriter Jonathon Brannon & highly sought-after studio/session vocalist David Cagle. Over the last ten years Jonathon & David have done numerous songs together, all of which have been created entirely online.

Let’s dive in shall we!

  1. The Road Less Traveled – This is an acoustic song that resonates within your ears. Makes you think about the life you’ve lived. The lyrics of this song are lyrics of truth. In all honesty, one of the most honest lyrics in a song I’ve ever heard.
  2. Runaway – A song for the underdog who wants to just get away from the world. I would say that this is their anthem with a damn good message that pushes you forward in anything in life!
  3. Tonight – This is a ballad of sorts on the acoustic spectrum. It’s a breakup song but yet it’s a moving forward song. I don’t really know how to explain the tone of it. A great song, but yet sad song at the same time. It has a kind-full​, yet angry tone within the song.
  4. Show Who You Are – This song reminds me of a father talking to his child about the roads of life. A positive vibe to the fullest, ‘It’s big world….’ is the truth for all people.
  5. Vulnerable – This song here, is one of those songs that will speak to you if you’ve been in previous heartbreaking relationships. It teaches you to put your wall up and not let just anyone walk into your life.
  6. Fire – ‘Take me higher…”, A lyric that your partner will want to hear. If you put this song on in your vehicle, and she/he is with you, be sure to tell them that this is how you feel. You’ll sure to be rewarded that night in a very special way.
  7. Collide – One of the only songs on this album that will leave you wanting to make better choices in your relationship. ‘There’s nothing else we can say to save us from you and I” speaks to a lot of people in troubling relationships. This song will help the choice a little bit easier
  8. Light Up The Night – A song for when you are hurting inside. Brannon tries to bring the darkness to light. It’s definitely an anthem for anyone suffering from depression. You are not alone.
  9. Wonder Woman – This is definitely the heartfelt song for the special woman in your life. When he’s singing, you can hear the love he has for the love of his life. DEFINITELY a ballad type of song that will make you have butterflies in your stomach when you think of your wife/girlfriend.
  10. End Of The Tunnel – A good close out song for this album. ‘Hid this pain behind this smile…’ is a lyric is the utmost truth and literally helps you find ‘The light at the end of the tunnel’. He has a way of letting you know that it’s going to be okay and the situation you’re in at the moment is only brief and things will get better.

This album was not what I was expecting. I thought it was definitely an uplifting and yet so truthful that it makes you question the relationship you’re in which is okay, but just know, it hurts to hear the truth, but sometimes that’s the only thing that saves you. Let us know what ya think below in the comments!

The new album releases on June 9th and is available for pre-order right now on the Official Site!


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