The EDM/Club star KMC recently released the video for his latest smash hit, “Club on Fire.” We had a chance to chat with the singer/producer about his creative process and his ferocious work ethic for crafting a hit single and video. One element that makes KMC such a powerful talent is that he grabs inspiration for his music from even the most unlikely of sources.

“I woke up in the morning with a political song stuck in my head,” he says, “I started singing ‘Oh, it’s time for politics again.’” As every fan knows, KMC isn’t a political musician, because he focuses his energy on making positive, fun music that unites people rather than divides them. “I don’t really sing political songs but the melody was a strong one,” continues the singer, “So I played with it a bit, and next thing you know I came up with some new words and started to sing them over and over: ‘Oh, Oh, this club is on fire, fire!’”

KMC Club on Fire

KMC Club on Fire

Being no studio slouch, KMC booked time at Bounty Target in NYC that same day immediately after writing the hook. Taking multitasking to another level, he wrote the verses while simultaneously producing the rhythms and melodies for the track. Shortly after, KMC had a show in Canada and finished the vocals, mixing and mastering up there. Back in NYC, and after scrutinising every detail of the track with his manager it was then time to plan the video, which took off at a breakneck pace on the strength of the song.

“With the song mastered and in our hands we started to create a buzz, and next thing you know everything started to get real crazy,” KMC says, “We got sponsorship for the video which was shot at the Liberty Theatre in Times Square.” Sponsors included Inca Kola, Sutra energy drink, Oro tequila, and celebrity designers. The result is a music video that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go, and captures the vibrant culture of the NYC club scene. The success of “Club on Fire” proves that hard work pays off. That being said, the song is a certifiable club banger, so don’t get too caught up in thought when the DJ spins it at your favourite spot; join in on the dance-floor and set your “Club on Fire!”

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