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I never listened to a Colt Silvers song before I heard they are coming to perform in the local concert hall where I live. Because it’s a small town in the middle of Rural France, I try to take advantage of every band coming by, due to the fact there are not a lot of those coming around. Listening to their music got me excited. They sounded like a British indie rock band, with a strong influence of bands like Interpol and Klaxons. My surprise, therefore, was quite big when I discovered they are actually French, arriving from the border city of Strasbourg.

Hide and Seek official video:

Hide and Seek on the Concert Hall

colt silvers live

Why wasn’t the crowd as impressed as I was?

The concert hall was disappointingly empty, no more than thirty people in the small place, not nearly enough to fill it. But the band didn’t seem to feel it. They came to work, and show what they are made of. And they are made of a very accurate and efficient interpretation to the current indie-rock sound. The concert was good, gripping and professional. The band’s singer looked like he was made for bigger audiences, as did the sound of the band in general. “Hide and seek” and “As We Walk”, are two singles from their second and latest album, and are sure hits, performed brilliantly. And above those was “Silver Horses”, with a full thick electronic sound that I wished would last forever. So why wasn’t the crowd as impressed as I was? and why were the only people dancing closer to the age of 20 than to my thirty-and-a-bit? The answer to that was quite simple. To music veterans, even in a small town in the middle of France, the band’s sound wasn’t original enough, the different influences easy to locate at each song. And that is the merit and the bane of this specific rock band, like so many others. They sound great, with perfect melodies, cool nonchalant singing, and great musicians. What they still lack is a real voice of their own, to show they are more than the sum of their influences. Still, their show was great, and at the end of it I was happy to buy the album (Yes! an actual CD. Call me old fashioned), while chatting with the guitarist and the singer, happily in English and not my, at the time, broken French.

As We Walk official video:

Red Panda Favours the Energy of a Live Show

Most of the songs at the show were from the second album, “Red Panda”, that went out in 2013. The album versions are mostly as good as the concert ones, but I always favour the energy of a live show, and the band is definitely hungry for success and full of energy. Besides that, the official album contains beautiful art work by the band’s guitarist.

Colt Silvers are currently working on their next and third album, due to come out later this year. I’m looking forward to hear the advancement in their search and hopefully more of the combination of hard-core electronic sound with their indie-rock guitars.

Colt silvers- concert at L’avant scene, Aubusson, 8.12.14
Red panda, deaf rock records, 2013.

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