Hey everyone! So today we have a band that is young and talented and they are bound to set the world on fire. The band goes by the name of, Crow Eats Man. Here are the listing of the band members:

Member/Instrument List:

Sebastian Sanchez – Vocals

Reku Heims – Lead Guitar

Elliot Hu – Rhythm Guitar

Nick Coleman – Bass

Richard Barnes – Drums


The band plays out of,  Mountain View, Ca. They are considered to be in the music genre of hard rock and sounds similar to Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, and Rage Against The Machine. This is the bands self-titled first EP, So, let’s get into the review of this band!

1. Jaded

This is a song that starts off like it should be on a movie soundtrack. That hard rocking interlude will surely set the tone of the EP. This is a song that you will be singing in your head all day and all night. I must say, this is a song that is catchy as hell. I think the one thing that baffled me about this song is the fact when you hear it, you think the way they are doing things would have them be around middle-aged, but nope, these are young people making a damn good mark on the music industry, especially with this song.

2. Lost Son

This has a wicked guitar riff in the beginning of the song that will have you banging your head. This is def one of those songs that you would hear in a horror movie at the moment when shit hits the fan. The lyrics don’t kick in till around 2:18, which reminds me that they are really all about the music. That is something we don’t find in artists these days. It’s like they channeled the music styles from the 70’s when the music was about the music.

3. Before Sunday

A heavy guitar riffed song that has the ability to blow your speakers. It also sounds like the song was inspired by the late, Chris Cornell. The style of singing on this song is really unique and def reminds of the band, Savage Garden!

4. Deependit

This is a hell of a hard rocking song. The genre they are doing is def true to its form with this song. I must say, this song is one of those songs that get you movin’ for groovin’. If ya understand that, I mean, this is the song I would want to listen to, to get ready for some hard-core loving with my lover.

5. Fresno Cigarette Run

This is one of the songs that is prolly the most trippy on the EP. With the synth sound of the guitar, it will make you want to turn on the black light and just zone into the music.

6. Jaded (Radio Edit)

Just like the other version, just shortened for radio play cause due to how selfish listeners are, they want their songs to not surpass 3:30, but it has the same things as the other track.

Check out the full EP on Crow Eats Man Bandcamp page.

So that’s it, there is the full EP review by yours truly. Crow Eats Man is a band that I can definitely see going places. I think if the rest of the world would hear them, they would get the itch and want more from these guys. With this awesome EP release, I can only expect the best from them when it comes to a full album release! Let us know what you think about them below in the comments.

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-As Always-

Jack Saint


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