Hey everyone! I hope you are having an AMAZING Halloween Season! It’s pretty cold where I am, so please bundle up the little ones and make sure they are warm. You might look at this title and think “What does Moana have to do with music?” well the answer to that is A LOT. Crazy right? Well, when you look at one of the highest grossing kids movies of 2016, there happens to be a kids musical called, MOANA. It stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as the demi-god Maui and Auli’i Cravalho, as Moana. The music in this movie is amazing and has very catchy tunes. Def a worth a listen for parents and kids alike.

The reason I am writing this article is due to the recent uproar that a parent blogger tells her readers to not dress up as Moana this year because it teaches them racism. To me, that is the most absolutely insane! I have seen the points this lady has brought up, but why not let a kid be a kid for Halloween. This is a character that represents a strong woman showing her people that she can be greater than everyone and that she can be independent on her own.

I will say this to you parents out there, IT IS NOT RACIST FOR YOUR LITTLE GIRL TO DRESS AS MOANA FOR HALLOWEEN! The fact that this blogger feels entitled to say to all the parents of the world that it is racists for their little girl to be a woman who they look up to for Halloween, in my personal opinion that it is ignorance. Let a child be who they want to be for dress up. And also, saying that a girl shouldn’t go as Elsa from, FROZEN, because it promotes “White Beauty”, is something you need to reconsider. I believe that a child’s imagination is a wonderful thing. I am a father of 3 and I choose to let them be who they want to be for this holiday. How can you deprive your child of any imagination? You stated in your blog that you talked with your daughter about this and she decided to go as Mickey Mouse; excuse me, but are you aware that Mickey Mouse is a MALE character? How can you not be any more hypocritical? You say we promote racism if we let our daughters dress up as Moana, but what about the other things you are talking about with race and heritage?

Should white parents not let their children dress up as the blue ranger this year due to it being portrayed by a black actor in the new movie? Or what about little boys playing Cowboys and Indians? Should we not let them play that anymore due to the stance the Native Americans are making in this day and age? Or how about this….What about the little boys and girls who dress up as soldiers for Halloween? Should we say no to that due to the fallen of our men and women who are defending our nation? I hope all my readers understand that I am writing this article as a parent who had a wild imagination growing up. For any readers to believe this woman is correct would be like saying we need to change the color of rice due to it being white. Makes no sense right? So with all this being said, let your children be who they wanna be for Halloween and not discourage them to pursue to be like these characters, that is unless you dress your kid up as, Billy from Saw and Jigsaw….then you might want to sit them down and let them know that, that character is only a character. But anyways, these are my thoughts on this whole thing. This is only my opinion and mine alone.

Please share this article if you agree with me and let me know what you think about this situation in the comments below. Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween! Oh and  def check out the soundtrack to the hit children’s blockbuster, MOANA.

-As Always-

Jack Saint

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Jack Saint

Jack 'Saint' Hunter is an accomplished 4x international film festival winner and is also the CEO of a production company called Southern Sykos Productions LLC. Thier first movie, PARANOIA TAPES is currently distributed world wide and has won 2 International Film Festival Awards so far, check it out on Amazon Prime. Also, he has an array of musical talents with a singing voice of 5 octaves, Jack really knows music and what music should sound like. A film producer/writer/director and professional movie critic hailing from Sunset, Louisiana , the 32 year old father of 3,wants nothing more in life than to promote unsigned and independent bands and give people an opportunity to better thenaelves as an artist, film maker and/or creator. Life is full of opportunity and he believes in chances and if he has contacted you, you deserve a chance to be recognised. He wants to help you as an artist succeed and get the write-ups your band/Your music deserves! With a writing background of over 15+ years, he will review your music and give your band and/or your music the review it needs to be seen in a manner of professionalism and also a little constructive criticism that won't low ball you.

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