Dan McLean Jr Does It Again!

Once again, the talented Dan Mclean Jr. delivers a heartfelt song that will make you want to love your significant other to the fullest. His new release is entitled, “Let’s Stop Hurting Each Other“. His songs are all inspirational when it comes to real feelings. He hits a spot that sometimes hasn’t been hit in a very long time. With the way he delivers his soul-full sound will make you want to pick up your guitar and play along with him .

This song is sure to light up the charts !

Final Thoughts

I think Dan McLean Jr is a hell of an artist. He shows the “young bucks” of this day and age how to do things old school. With a little note taking from him, the bands today will see how the industry really is. From what I can gather about Dan McLean Jr is that he really doesn’t try to suffice to the way of doing things for the fame. He writes songs about real things and about real situations. Also, I believe that he writes his songs based on what he is feeling at that moment in time. If he’s down and out , he will write about it, if he is having an amazing day, then he will write about it.

I give this song a full 5/5 STARS ! Check it out !

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Dan McLean Jr - Let's Stop Hurting Each Other
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