Have you ever heard a band and you were like, wow… I really wanna hear more music like this! Well, I have come across a band that I think you will fully love! Dead End Sky is a band that will hit your rocker soul! With songs that make you bang you head for endless days!

Dead End Sky band

Dead End Sky band

Whats Different About Them

  1. Their lyrics are on point.
  2. Each song is freaking amazing in it’s own right!
  3. They make you literally bang your head to rocking music!
  4. They aren’t a sell out band making music just to make money.
  5. Each show they perform, is entirely different!

My Review

I approached the band earlier this year to do a review on their music. They gladly accepted and send me some merch and also some cds. Once I got the cds, I immediately opened it up and started listening to it. I loved how each song made me wanna throw up the devil horns and bang my head out of my car window.

These guys are the next big rockers to come out of L.A.  Yes, there are a lot of bands trying to make it big, they are trying to make it in an industry that is overtaken by stupid hook lines and a bass and drum track. The main thing with these guys, is that they aren’t sell outs. They play music that they feel like playing. They write how they want to write. They do things their own way and don’t back down to no music industry mogul. I think the world needs to hear more of Dead End Sky. I think the world needs to be aware of the pressure of amazing music that they are bringing.

There is honestly no other band like these guys, and I know this due to me listening to music non stop. I am proud to support a band of this quality. I hope these guys stick it out and never take no for an answer when the world today is full of haters. If the haters hate, then you must be something right. And if they give you any shit, just ask them, “Are you on themusic.reviews ?  “…..Then slap them in the face and let them deal with it. I give them a full 5/5 Stars for there music and style. If you haven’t been convinced by now that these guys are rocking, then please give a listen below and be the judge for yourself. Don’t take my word for it, let your ears do the deciding!


As Always,

Jack Saint

Dead End Sky Brings Back the Dead Rock!
4.5Overall Score
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About The Author

Jack Saint

Jack 'Saint' Hunter is an accomplished 4x international film festival winner and is also the CEO of a production company called Southern Sykos Productions LLC. Thier first movie, PARANOIA TAPES is currently distributed world wide and has won 2 International Film Festival Awards so far, check it out on Amazon Prime. Also, he has an array of musical talents with a singing voice of 5 octaves, Jack really knows music and what music should sound like. A film producer/writer/director and professional movie critic hailing from Sunset, Louisiana , the 32 year old father of 3,wants nothing more in life than to promote unsigned and independent bands and give people an opportunity to better thenaelves as an artist, film maker and/or creator. Life is full of opportunity and he believes in chances and if he has contacted you, you deserve a chance to be recognised. He wants to help you as an artist succeed and get the write-ups your band/Your music deserves! With a writing background of over 15+ years, he will review your music and give your band and/or your music the review it needs to be seen in a manner of professionalism and also a little constructive criticism that won't low ball you.

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