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Diana Upton-Hill

Diana Upton-Hill : Do Love Well – album cover

Recently I was sent a press kit for a new country singer named Diana Upton-Hill. I get a lot of press kits from people who want their artists to be reviewed. I don’t review everyone that is sent to me. I have to pick and pull the best of the best. I believe that I have undoubtedly found a rising star in the world of indie country music. Brittney Wilkerson of PLA MEDIA referred her to me. I always trust Brittney’s submissions for me to review, due to the fact that PLA MEDIA is taking over the marketing firm industry with their amazing artists of country music. I do know that I have been reviewing a lot of country artists lately, but what can I say, these artists are hitting the road with amazing music, so why not promote them? Diana released her debuted album in 2015 entitled, DO LOVE WELL along with a music video of the same track title. She has been making waves across the industry with this album. She has been under the guidance of Grammy-Award Winning Artist and Producer, Bryan White. This is one album that has a force to be reckoned with! Each song has a different vibe from the last. With soft ballads to girl anthem’d songs, she delivers her songs with a precise goal to entertain you. She’s not just an attractive woman with an amazing look, she’s an inspiration to girls of all ages. With the determination to follow her heart, she doesn’t back down from critics and has a grind in the industry that would put the most popular country artist to shame. A little love with a lot of innocent attitude, Diana Upton-Hill hits the right country’s fan soul!

Diana Upton-hill a Woman With a Child’s Heart

Diana is a normal woman, but has a child’s heart. A good soul with a genuine desire to be herself whether she’s in front of 1 person or thousands. She’s the same person to everyone and it shows through her music and her music videos. As a singer myself, I could only hope that I would receive the respect and notoriety that she has gained while being a country singer. Everyone I have talked to can only describe this young singer with one word, and that word would be, LOVE. Every chance she gets, she gets to love whoever is in front of her, whether it be a 3 year old or a 46 year old, Diana speaks for her generation by showing love to anyone and everyone she comes in contact with. With a spirit like that, what is there not to love about this young singer, who is sure to satisfy your curiosity of, “Are there any singers out there that I can let my little girl listen to, without their music being about sex, drugs, and other explicit material?”. Diana is one of the artists that I would encourage parents to let their children listen to. She has a way of letting you know that it is perfectly fine for younger children/young teens and tweens to look up to her due to the way she carries herself when she’s on stage and off stage; Diana Upton-Hill is the reason positive encouragement exists.

As in other articles, This is a PLA MEDIA artists. When a marketing firm has it, they HAVE it! They find amazing singers and promote them, how else would I have heard of anyone? They do their job and they do it well. They market all types of artists in the country genre; whether is be “Texas Country” , “Pop Country” and/or “Old Fashioned Country”, they sure do know how to pick the artists they feel will make a positive impact on the world and the country music genre. Now if only I can get them to take a listen to my country E.P. ? 😉 PLA MEDIA takes up and coming artists to the next stage in their musical journey. Whether it be for the artist to get famous or whether they want to be singer/song writers in the industry, they make sure your music gets in to the hands of people that matter. Most companies don’t accept third party handout’s, they bypass this whole process of getting rejected and gets your music to the people that need to hear your stuff.

Final Thoughts

What can I say that I haven’t said already? Other than her being an amazing singer with one hell of a personality, this is one singer to be on the look for. Will she win a grammy or a CMA in the future? I believe so in my honest opinion. She will be the next star to be posted on your daughter’s wall right next Carrie Underwood. Trust me, this girl is going places and I can’t wait to say, “I KNEW SHE COULD DO IT!” .

I give her album, “DO LOVE WELL”, a 5/5 STARS. She deserves every positive vibe in the world.

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– AS ALWAYS – Jack Saint

Diana Upton-Hill : Country's New "Indie" Heartbreaker
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