As I search through thousands of bands that I would like to write a review on, I look for song substance, I look for vocal ability, and I also look for a uniqueness that is not comparable by todays standard artists. Well guys, I found one that will soothe your ears and touch your inner being, this person is, Dillon Ryan. With a little vocal inspiration from the artist Jewel and possibly a little Amy Lee from Evanessence, Dillon hits you hard with her range. A woman with a jazzy feel mixed with a little folk pop and country, she defies what real music is. Check out her video below:

What do you think ?

Dillon Ryan music

Dillon Ryan music

About Dillon Ryan

Dillon Ryan began writing songs and stories when she was five all they way through college with a passion not only to sing, but to have the chance to share her songs and stories performed by other major talents beside herself.

These days you can see her on the cast of the reality show “The Complex Show”.


The Complexity of Miss Ryan

Not only does Dillon make romancing music, she is a designer who has her own store for her artwork. She has everything from necklaces to phone cases. She is sure one talented woman.  Each piece is really interesting. I , myself, will be buying some of her artwork here soon.

Final Thoughts

Every so often a singer captivates me. Dillon Ryan truly does that. I like her style and how I can listen to her while going to sleep. Her songs are peaceful and can really get you out of crummy mood. So I say go support her and buy her music and let it touch you as it has touched me.


As Always – Jack Saint

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Dillon Ryan = Pure Beauty Pop!
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Jack Saint is an accomplished international film festival winner with an array of musical talents. A film producer/writer/director and professional movie critic hailing from Sunset, Louisiana , the 31 year old father of 2 and one on the way, wants nothing more in life than to promote unsigned and independent bands. Life is full of opportunity and he believes in chances and if he has contacted you, you deserve a chance to be recognised. He wants to help you as an artist succeed and get the write-ups your band/Your music deserves!

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