How Do You Discover New Music?

There are many amazing platforms to discover new music on the web, probably too many… but not all are open to all (to the rest of the world outside the US) and not all are free or focusing on affordable music while giving the artists the greater cut of the potential revenue.

When looking for new music that not might come across the main stream radio or other platforms, Bandcamp features it’s weekly podcast titled ‘Bandcamp Weekly’ – Discover amazing new music and directly support the artists who make it.

Bandcamp Weekly shows

Bandcamp Weekly shows

Musicians Friendly Platform

Bandcamp is known for its musicians friendly platform where any one can feature their music and sell it online in what ever price they desire or give the music out for free, embed it to there sites and social media platforms and more, no wonder that’s where most unsigned and top artist prefer being these days.

‘Bandcamp Weekly’ is a great show to listen to, since it’s not just a random playlist, it’s hand selected and features the artist on the site, along with a well picked set playlist and interviews and general review of the artist it features.

You can go directly to the the site and listen to the latest show hosted by Andrew Jervis, share with us your thoughts and your preferred online tool to discover new music.

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