Hello everyone! This is my first post in this month of February and I am happy to share with you an artist I recently came across. Before I go into the review, I wanna say that as a fan of pop and soul music, I tend to be very critical towards that type of music. It is one of those things where as a fanatic, I have to listen to everything within the song. I listen to the melodies , the instrumentation, the chord progression and the most important, the voice on the track. If the singer isn’t that good, well I prolly won’t like what I am listening to. Let’s get into the review shall we!?

The artist I am reviewing today is known as Dondi. He is a very emotional singer. In fact, within his songs, you hear how much emotion he is putting into the song and when I can hear that, that is a very good thing. His new album entitled , ‘Imagine That’, has songs on there that will initially hit your heart. His soulful vocals and smooth transition into the bridges within the song structure makes it very easy on the ears and of course, very easy on your heart.

The first track , I WANNA GET NEXT TO YOU, brings the soulful sound of the 80’s mixed with the sound of the 90’s back to a time where soul music has lost its touch.

The second track, WHAT’S YOUR NAME AGAIN, has a little bit of Marvin Gay attached to it. You can hear it in the guitar, you can hear it in his voice, and while listening to the drums, it will take you to that sensual time of music.

The third track, IMAGINE THAT, is the title track on the album and titled rightfully so! You hear the deepness of his voice that will touch every woman in that right spot. This is the song you want to turn on to put your other half in the mood. The sexual influence with this song will make any person sweat. He has a way of bringing that feeling right to you!

My final thoughts on this album, are all good thoughts. He is surely the man that is bringing soul music back. He is definitely doing the right thing and making all the right moves towards being the most soulful musician of our time!

Dondi’s – “Imagine That” full album released on February 1st check it out here


Jack Saint

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