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Dope Lee Wants to Bring You a Trilling Music Video Themed “Masturbate”!

Over these years we’ve been numbed by our senses of Hip Hop music and yet there is a new game changer and funny & charismatic rap artist Dope Lee, bringing you a whole new different style and music, with the purposeful voice in his head “Just do da tin! Just do it!

Just be who you wanna be and let people be who they wanna be, and Masturbate is an ultimate form of self-expression”, don’t get me wrong though, Dope Lee just wants to give all of ya a fun time! Let’s shake shake dance da tin!

Be a part of the Big Comedy Rap Music Movement

“It’s just not only about the money, it’s also about you!” says Dope Lee, an energetic rapper with asian background, he features the metrosexual music and fashion style and carries a lot of rebellious energy. “I am Dope Lee the rapper and I need you to help me make the music video of my new single “Masturbate” come into reality!”

Born in Mianyang, Sichuan, China, a rebellious school kid getting into a lot of trouble in school, his greatest passion at the time was all about arcade games like Street Fighter, Anime and Nintendo “I was suppressed and felt bored in school and I was involved in tons of interesting and rebellious things such as climbing out of school walls “

Exposed to Hip Hop Dope Lee began to listen to a lot of great rappers and groups like N.W.A, 2 Pac, Biggie, Puff Daddy and Snoop Dogg and more. The liberating side and self-expression side of the music began to facilitate his self-thinking and self-discovering process, “ I learnt the B-boy dance when I reached 19 and I began to immerse into the Hip Hop culture and I began to do some experiments with my voice and try recording them on the tape.”

One of Dope Lee's campaign perks

One of Dope Lee’s campaign perks

It’s Just Not Only About the Money, It’s Also About You!

“My supporters and People who love me as an artist! I want to do this project for you! I want to show to the world that I’m proud of who I am and I want to convey that dope energy and uplifting vibe to every single one of you!”

Dope Lee’s latest track “Masturbate” was recorded in Shanghai, China by a Chinese Hip Hop OG rapper and recording engineer and co-produced & engineered by an excellent sound engineer in Atlanta, USA, who had produced for some excellent rappers like Rich Homie Quan, Forte Bowie and Trinidad James.

Dope Lee asks you to join the movement and share his energy and dreams, check out Dope Lee’s crowdfunding pledge page for more info about him and the project.

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