Eddy Mann’s Delves the Consequences of Our Actions

Eddy Mann is a songwriter, worship leader & teacher with a vision of hope, peace and understanding through the eyes of a loving heart.

Eddy led worship for over fifteen years. As a musician and songwriter it was twenty years ago that he made the decision to offer his creative gifts to God and Church. Since then he’s released seven CD’s and written countless songs.

Eddy Mann’s new album, The Consequence is currently wrapping up sessions in the studio, musically staying close to the americana, roots rock, and singer-songwriter traditions.

You, You Make Me Feel

Eddy Mann delivers us the new YouTube clip “You, You Make Me Feel  from “Dig Love” album, a strong spiritual country themed song that might confuse at start once the lyrics begin that this song will bring you down with thoughts of how small we all are, but once the chorus hits blending the high spirited musicianship and lyrics you can’t remove the smile of joy and the hope it brings to the heart.

Overall the song is well executed with the right structure of songwriting and composition that meets the soft country rock genre.

Look for a fall 2016 release date and follow Eddy Mann @Twitter & @Facebook

Eddy Mann - You, You Make Me Feel
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