Emerging New Jersey composer and pianist Etop returns with new track that is brimming with ambition and experimentation. ‘Tomoko and the Star Dust’ is a dense musical collage that pivots around a 70’s pop and soul influenced love song. Violins, organs, theremin and even hip hop scratches are then added to the mix, building layer by layer to create a glorious pop song. The vocals, courtesy of session musician Juri Ify Love, and album art work even add a sprinkling of J-Pop, further increasing the range of genres Etop has referenced in his work.

Tomoko and the Star Dust

The track is grand in its scope, glowing with a vintage sheen as it moves from warm blues to emotive strings. In doing so it tracks the tumultuous emotional rollercoaster love and relationships can prove themselves to be. The lyrics are reflective of this as Juri Ify Love sings “Love, Romance, everything feels like a dream…But like a shooting star it will disappear quickly, so soon you have to spread your antenna to catch the true love.”

Etop’s family immigrated to the US in 1986 from South America and West Africa, settling in Brooklyn and these family and geographical influences are clear throughout his work. He also seems to be a dedicated student of music’s past. His previous songs have touched on everything from blues and rock to reggae and jazz, working with a broad range of session musicians to bring his vision to life. Such is Etop’s creativity, there has not been a single cohesive style that can be attributed to his work but no doubt this will come with time. For now we can enjoy the sound of a true creative finding his voice.



Love, Romance, everything feels like in a dream
Love, Romance, everything feels like melting in a dream

But, like a shooting star it will disappear quickly
So soon you have to spread your antena to catch the true love

Japanese Original Lyrics



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Etop – Tomoko and the Star Dust
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