Jahmings Maccow

Jahmings Maccow – Horizon Train

themusic.review is proud to introduce you to four time Grammy Nominees Awards Jahmings Maccow and his song Horizon Train. Maccow is a Reggae Rock guitarist, singer  songwriter and founder of Rebels Production. Jahmings Maccow on the Horizon Jahmings rose...
trombone - by Evonne on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/evoo73/4013358422

EFG London Jazz Festival 2016

The London Jazz Festival is now in its 24th year and will feature more than 2000 artists across 300 gigs in more than 50 venues as the festival promises to once again deliver a mix of world class artists and emerging stars and takes jazz music to an ever expan...
Hospitality in the Park

Hospitality In The Park

Drum & Bass emerged from the rave and jungle scenes of the UK underground in the 90’s, characterised by its fast rhythms, clattering breakbeats and heavy basslines. The genre has gone on to enjoy commercial...
Communion London


A musical community like no other… As Communion marks its 10th birthday this year and the sixth instalment of their annual festival Bushstock fast approaches, the remarkable growth of the Communion community and its unerring ability to recognise emerging tale...