Candy-O Get Behind the Wheel

Meet Candy-O Candy-O, a Cars Tribute Band was formed to realize the vision of creating a worthy and mesmerising tribute to The Cars. Candy-O was formed  in Portland Oregon in 2010 ,they breath the tone and accuracy of The Cars into every song, with spot on...
How To use Apple music App offline

How to Use Apple Music App Offline

Are You Confused by the New Apple Music App? Let's try and make some sense of the new and confusing Apple Music app and learn how to use it offline as the good old music player app we once had, or at least as close as we can. Apple Music became a part of o...

Boybands – Here and Gone

Unknown Boybands Part 1 Every generation has them, every teenage girl wants to date them and every young male teen wishes they were them...Who am I talking about ? I am talking about the relentlessness of BOYB...