With a highly produced sound and the world’s top musical talent, Grammy Award Winner composer and pianist Fernando Otero takes us on an unmistakable Argentine atmosphere journey of his South American homeland in his new concept album “Ritual”.

Grammy Award Winner Fernando Otero

Grammy Award Winner Fernando Otero

The Journey Begins

Starting off with aMBe’s (Maria Brodskaya) huge voice intro, we begin the journey driven by Otero’s ten piece collection of compositions for Orchestra, Voices, Chamber Ensembles and Solo Piano.
Otero’s highly evolved pianism and production of formal classical works, display a significant grounding in the Argentine lyricism -usually associated with Tango- plus elements of classical music and piano improvisation.

A New Ritual Emerges

Fernando Otero’s unique style we were exposed to in his previous studio albums and live performances, comes to life with new and fresh compositional ideas and moves forward artistically, creating a new “Ritual”, closing the gap between non classical music listeners and Otero’s large  and growing fan base.

Ritual, Fernando Otero – Album Preview

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