Franz Black

Franz Black

Franz Black is an accomplished composer, singer and keyboard player. Influenced by the likes of Santana and also the Police, his concept of songwriting has evolved into a brand new product that mixes the timeless sound of sweet music and electronic sounds of the modern day. Franz who has written and created 3 complete albums, has earned wide recognition from a combination of audiences with one of his albums album titled ‘Sunshine Girl’ being featured on many radio stations as well as the BBC.

In his new song “No Worries” (to hear the song click on the main image above), Franz Black  refers to the ways we choose to deal with life’s difficulties and reminds us to keep it light and simple. The strength of this song lays in Black’s ability to broadcast his optimistic message throughout the music as well,  his keyboard is light and unpretentious, the thematic connection between lyrics and music that forms Black’s lightweight motto makes the listener feel as if he listens to Randy Newman.

Overall- A great comfort song.


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Franz Black - No Worries
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