Girl Band : noun. an all-female vocal pop group created to appeal to a young audience

What they do fail to mention on is that these girls bands are highly attractive in so many ways. These girls have singing talent that will blow your mind. As you know, I am a fan of boybands, well I am a mutual fan of girlbands as well. Below are some bands that you might have heard of, and some you might never knew existed. Let’s dive right in!


A four piece group that had a little success in the early 2000’2 , with their debut and only album, they barely made the billboard charts with their first single, “For All Time”. The band is no more, but what I can say, these women are drop dead gorgeous!


The first latin girl group of the 2000’s. They actually are on file as the VERY FIRST LATINA GROUP in that decade. Their songs are sweet and they are very beautiful, but they lack that certain spunk of the girl groups at the time. They are no longer together, but one can only hope with the recent uprise of former bands, that they reunite and make an amazing album. They only had one album, you can find it on other music buying sites very cheap .

3rd Party

A three piece group that had little success in the past few years. One thing I didn’t like about them was the fact that they only had one real lead singer and two backup singers. If you are in a group, I believe everyone should have a chance to sing lead. Don’t get me wrong, they are very good singers, I just believe they could have done more if they were a little bit more diverse.


The popstars winners from overseas! They are beautiful and they have amazing voices! I really wish that the groups from the worldwide series would have done better in the end. The only group that has done amazing from the popstars series, is the uk group GIRLS ALOUD. Only one album has been released from the group. Unfortunately I don’t believe they are still together, but thank GOD for YouTube! We can enjoy their music through other fans!

Funky Diamonds

A German group with a little European feeling. They have two albums to date. On the second album, they dropped a member and stayed with the same name. Like other groups in this post, they only have one real lead singer. I don’t know what it is about European women in groups who are the lead, and they have a deep voice. I am wondering if all the other girls voices weren’t strong enough. They are no longer together, but they are still beautiful !

Fem 2 Fem

By far the sexiest group on this list. Their lyrics are so erotic that it really is intense to listen to them. After watching any of their music videos, you will want to go and take a cold shower. I can’t express how much these girls are into lesbianism. They are proud of who they are and they don’t care who knows. So more power to them! I don’t believe they are still together but I do know they have had more than one album. A little a head of their time, they certainly bring a new meaning to a HOT TRACK.

BG5 (Beach Girls 5)

An L.A. girl group managed by a Mother Kris Kardashian. I haven’t heard anything from these girls since being on the E! Reality Show. I guess they were banking on the show to get them a little bit more exposure. They have real talent and again they are drop dead beautiful! I really hope they put out an album. They have so much talent!


A girl group who I am not too familiar with. Honestly, I recently found them, so I can’t really speak on them too much. But I can put their music lyric video here for you to judge for yourself!


An RnB girl group who have a sexyness that is insane. I don’t know too much about them, but I do know they are still together. So that’s a good thing ! Here’s their music video from, “All The Boyz Love Me” .

So there ya go guys! A list on Girl Bands, there will be more coming soon ! Let me know what ya think about the groups in the comments below !

As Always – Jack Saint

Girl bands : Pop Culturally In Sync!
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