Grand Blanc- Jaws of Cold-Wave Sound

Formed in Paris in 2011, the “Great white” have music that sounds like a dark dream soundtrack, but one you would like to stay up until the end. Their music is influenced by 80’s new wave sound, from bands like Joy Division and The Cure. With two lead singers, guy and girl, with distinctively different singing styles that gives a different touch to each song, this relatively new band gives an impressive and gripping concert.

Encore, Encore!

I saw them in the local concert hall after listening to a few of their songs online. I liked what I heard,  the old-new sound of the group and their intensive relentless tunes. The band went on stage ready to rock, and so they did. The harmony between the two singers, and the sweet-sour atmosphere created by keyboards, guitar and  bass  took the small crowd on and then off their feet. Their sometimes industrial sound pierced through our bodies, warming us from the cold winds blowing outside. Wanting the show to continue, the crowd applauded and demanded for encore (more please!) bringing the band back on stage, smiling from ear to ear. Because they don’t have an album yet, and only fifty minutes of proper material, they played two songs for the second time that night, but we didn’t care.

Grand Blanc live

Grand Blanc live

Grand Tour in France with Their New E.P.

With an E.P. published in September last year, the band are on tour all around France this winter, performing  two or three times a week, waiting for the big break to come. I believe it will…
You can catch them soon in the winter edition of the super cool “la route de rock” festival in Saint-Malo, north west France, 25th of February, performing next to bands like Allah-las and Blond Redhead.  If for some reason you find France a bit too far for you at this current moment, you can find the band on Facebook  , or listen to them in their BandCamp , and even order a limited vinyl edition(!!) of their E.P. named Grand Blanc.

Small Question to Our Viewers

I wonder, are they called after the great white shark, the huge scary shark, or did they deliberately referenced to this 80’s remote rock sensation? What do you think? Share your comments below.


Grand Blanc- concert in L’avant scene, Aubusson, 6.2.15
Grand Blanc – Grand Blanc EP.  Entreprise – Third Side Records / Sony – A+LSO, 2014

Grand Blanc- the Cold Wave Electro Shark
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