Hello my fabulous readers! I hope everyone is having a happy holidays this season. We just received a new artist that we are proud to review. This artist is one of those artist that will make you think about music and a whole new light. The style of this artist, is similar to those likes of Billy Joel ,Eric Clapton and a little mix of  Led Zeppelin.

The band, Grieve The Astronaut, has released a new single and a video for their song entitled “No Surprise”. One thing, that sticks out about this song, is the way the instrumentation takes you on a journey through several styles of different genres of music. At first you will hear a slight tenderness that the amazing Billy Joel once used when he first started creating music. Then you will hear the blues and the guitar instrumentation of the likes of Eric Clapton. The final thing about this song that gets me, is the way it delivers it’s smooth transition from the chorus to the verses, and there is the little sense of Led Zeppelin.

No I know you may think how can you compare a band to three types of music, well, the way I do that is because I myself am a musician. When I listen to songs I hear The transitions within the instrumental of the music. That’s what music is about. Music is about creating the feeling that you’re there with the artist and you were hearing their true emotions.

Along with the single being released, Grieve The Astronaut have released a video on YouTube. I enjoy seeing live music being performed for a music video, it shows that an artist is real and it shows that they have real talent and an amazing team behind them.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. We would love to hear from you and please be honest, BU, and of course be real.

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Jack Saint

Grieve The Astronaut - No Surprise
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