Have you ever woken up one morning and have been like, ‘Man I want to listen to some Jazz music!’ , if not it’s still okay. Today we are reviewing an artist who has a sense of jazz with a mix of pop like I have never heard before. It combines so full music with easily heard guitar strums with a subtle beat that will put your mind at ease for the rest of the day. The lyrics within the song Define what life should be like and sends a positive message to its listeners. I’m not sure if that’s what the band wanted to do, but they certainly did and I am a fan of

The band I am referring to would be none other than, Guest Artist. Their new single, By Demand, will surely fit any type of feeling you were feeling at this very moment. When you hear his voice sing the jazzfull but yet popfull song it will remind you of old style jazz meets Michael Buble. The thoughtfulness and sincerity within his vocals will make you want to listen to this band more and will make you want to find everything that you can find out about this band. The song leaves you craving for more Jazz and craving for more real music. That’s what I believe this song and this band is all about, in a day and age where every style of music is electronic, where every style of music is written to be a quote-unquote hit song, Guest Actors delivers a song with a style that will make you appreciate music more.

Check out their By Demand and let us know what you think in the comments below us.

Have a good week guys and I hope it turns out amazing!

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Jack Saint

Guest Actors - By Demand
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