Hey everyone! I sure hope you guys are enjoying the summer! I bet your kids are excited to be out of school, I know mine are! Anyways, I have a new artist for you guys to check out. The best way to describe this artist is to say his music reminds me a little bit of Pantera mixed in with Dio. I know that is an extreme difference in music but it is really the only way to describe this new artist, Henry Metal, he is arguably one of the most interesting heavy metal artists to debut in 2017 and we can expect to hear a lot more from him…

Wizard VS Demon is the newest album by the artist Henry Metal. This guy knows how to mix metal with a little bit of political correctness. At least, that is what he does on this album. I must say each song sends out a different vibe that is crazier than the last.

Let us know what ya think about the album in the comments below!

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Jack Saint

Henry Metal - Wizard VS Demon
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