Are You Confused by the New Apple Music App?

Let’s try and make some sense of the new and confusing Apple Music app and learn how to use it offline as the good old music player app we once had, or at least as close as we can.

Apple Music became a part of our iOS devices ever since the 8.4 update and higher. Apple has bundled their new music streaming service and native iOS music player into one app – Apple Music. If we like it or not, Apple does not tend to care or explain their actions, so if you already have your chosen music streaming service such as Spottily, Pandora, SoundCloud etc… or you fell into the likely list of countries that are not yet supported by Apple Music, you will have to figure out how to use the app offline and listen to your music you loaded onto your device, which at first could be more than confusing to say the least for us all, even the more tech savvy of us…

First Steps of Using Apple Music as a Music Player Offline

The first thing we notice when the app is launched is that the menu tabs for Artists, Playlists, etc are all gone. There is no need to sign in to your Apple Id account or register to the first free months subscription, either you want to use Apple Music as a music player or your country is yet no supported ( see the current country availability list here ). So how do we actually use it?

How to Show Music Available Offline

This the tricky part that is not clear if used the older versions of the music app or you are new to iOS, the most important thing is getting to the menu which used to be on the top menu bar.

  • Tap on the My Music tab.
  • Go the recently added tab (will be beneath the top menu bar, or below depending if your signed in or not).
  • Select the view type drop-down (see screen shot marked ‘Albums’ ) from the middle of the screen.
  • Switch Show Music Available Offline on at the bottom of the pop up window.
How to Show Music Available Offline

How to Show Music Available Offline

This is how you can view music by Artists, Albums, Songs etc that are stored on your iOS device.

How to Launch Apple Music Mini Player

One of the new Music app’s biggest new features is the mini player, it gives you access to the controls and track information.

  • You can locate the mini player at the bottom of the screen.
  • Hold the track section and drag it up or tap it, and reverse
Hold the track section and drag it up or tap it, and reverse

Hold the track section and drag it up or tap it, and reverse

These are the first steps for using the new Apple Music app and listen to your music on your device offline. If you have learned new thing s about the app that improved your use of the app, or you have questions regarding the short guide here please let us know in the comment below.

How to Use Apple Music App Offline
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