Hello everyone! Back in the day, before bands like Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, there there were bands that defined the punk rock and grunge era. There was a time where music was not fabricated in a way to make it easy on the ears. There was a time when auto-tune did not exist and people sang and played their music the way they wanted to play it. You wouldn’t believe that there was a time where Alex had nothing to do with music. This was a time of 1984, when music was music. There was no classification on a style of voice. There was only music!

Today I am talking about the person, who in my opinion defined what Grunge music has become! The artist I am speaking of goes by the name of Hr Of Bad Brains. He is a man who brought the style of reggae, blues and rock and roll. This guy had the most whiniest voice for music, but he did not care. He made music and he made it what it is today with the genre of grunge punk music. he will be releasing a new album, or should we say a throwback to 1984 when he was live at CBGB’S ! This will be an album that will turn the heads of many generations, with a unique style, he will bring back what really is grunge and punk music! When you hear his album that dates back to 1984, you will hear music was supposed to be.

Final Thoughts

I will tell you this, this is not my favorite type of music, but with that being said this is a style that has come a very long way. You can definitely hear in the music and in his voice that this was the original sound of punk music. Before the misfits ever stepped foot in a club, Hr was doing his thing. I want you to know that this music is not for the faint of heart period.

I hope you enjoy it check out the link below and let us know what you think in the comments.


Digital download options for “Hr Of Bad Brains Live at CBGB’s 1984” will be available on April 20th. The album is available on CD.
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HR Live at CBGB'S
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