Illuminatè Steele released her new video (click the image above) – “Design By Design (The God Complex)” . With the dark electronic drum beat that starts the song, and the unique atmosphere coming to light in the Guthrie’s yellow room in the video directed by SheMayRunWithWolves (a pseudonym for Steele herself), the combination between the visual, sensual lyrics, and powerful vocal delivery may be one of Illuminatè Steele’s greatest work.

Illuminati Steele (her stage and performing name) was born in Portland, Oregon, Steele started out as a local dj and promoter performing and promoting  events in her hometown of Portland, growing up as a child, Illuminati discovered her very intense and moving bond with music early on as a young child. Steele produces her own beats, from the baseline, to the synth synth hook or a distorted hi-hat, all in which Illuminati takes great pride of as she should!

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