Do you ever turn on the radio and hear a band and you are honestly not sure what you are listening to? Well recently this happened to me. I am a fan of metal and rock and sometimes screamo, but this band just didn’t sit well with me. I guess the reason is that I can’t really understand what the singer is saying. What I will say about this band is that the music behind the singer is absolutely amazing. Oh, I am not saying the singer is bad, his style of singing is just not what my ears like. As a professional music reviewer, I listen to everything and anything. Sometimes you aren’t gonna like what ya hear, but what you do is, you find the good in it.

Like I said before, the musical instrumentation with the band, In Silent Agony, is absolutely on my top 20 bands with amazing guitar riffs. The bass lines and everything with this band are top notch. They have a unique style will make your head spin. Though I have never heard of a singer like in this band, they have a style that after a few listens that I could def get into. Check them out .

I think this band could redefine what metal is. They are on their way to a whole new experience with their latest release!

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Jack Saint

In Silent Agony - Album Review
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Jack Saint

Jack ‘Saint’ Hunter is an accomplished 4x international film festival winner and is also the CEO of a production company called Southern Sykos Productions LLC. Thier first movie, PARANOIA TAPES is currently distributed world wide and has won 2 International Film Festival Awards so far, check it out on Amazon Prime. Also, he has an array of musical talents with a singing voice of 5 octaves, Jack really knows music and what music should sound like. A film producer/writer/director and professional movie critic hailing from Sunset, Louisiana , the 32 year old father of 3,wants nothing more in life than to promote unsigned and independent bands and give people an opportunity to better thenaelves as an artist, film maker and/or creator. Life is full of opportunity and he believes in chances and if he has contacted you, you deserve a chance to be recognised. He wants to help you as an artist succeed and get the write-ups your band/Your music deserves! With a writing background of over 15+ years, he will review your music and give your band and/or your music the review it needs to be seen in a manner of professionalism and also a little constructive criticism that won’t low ball you.

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