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Lion’s Mouth are a deadly duo who can bring back the style of 90’s pop with just one lyric. Do you remember the band 6 Pence None The Richer? Well,  Lion’s Mouth can give you your 90’s fix. Chelsea Z has a voice that you can sit and listen to before ya go to sleep and be satisfied you will sleep peacefully. It’s quite amazing to me that these girls aren’t signed to a major label. They have a uniqueness of a sound that labels should be jumping at!

lion's mouth band

Lion’s Mouth are as fearless as the music they create

5 Reasons to Love Lion’s Mouth:

REASON 1 : If you grew up in the 90’s and you miss that sound that made ya feel amazing inside, then listen to them!

REASON 2 : Their songs are really unique and there is no other current band that compares to them!

REASON 3 : Each song is better than the previous!

REASON 4 : They have 12 songs that will make your heart churn in excitement!

REASON 5 : Their name simply means AGGRESIVE ! They are fierce with their style!

Lion’s Mouth Journey

It’s hard not to take notice that Lion’s Mouth energetic music, a combination of a fearless lifestyle and highly produced Indie-pop.

Chelsea Z. Guitar & Vocals, a past volunteer fighter and ice hockey player, along with Sara, Percussions & Drums, a martial arts master of Tae Kwon Do and double-edged sword swinging, a duo that takes the stage with the power of a four piece band

In a van packed only with could and should fit in they began their journey from Madison, WI to Los Angeles, crossing between festivals and shows all over the Midwest, Chelsea and Sara recorded a full length studio album with Producer Mathew Prock at Area 44 Music in Chicago, IL.

The self-titled release features 12 songs written and performed by the band.

Final Thoughts

We were supposed to review this band a couple of months ago, but due to life issues, I wasn’t able to write a review. So, with that being said, I apologize ladies! But, this band really does make me feel like I’m in a 90’s movie soundtrack and I love it! I was always a fan of the feel good music and the music that is music for music. They don’t write to be famous, they write to make good songs and how they fell at the moment. So I def give this bands cd a 5/5 Stars!

As Always – Jack Saint

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