is proud to introduce you to four time Grammy Nominees Awards Jahmings Maccow and his song Horizon Train. Maccow is a Reggae Rock guitarist, singer  songwriter and founder of Rebels Production.

Jahmings Maccow on the Horizon

Jahmings rose from the quiet island of Anguilla, an island in the Caribbean, to the rough ghettos of the South Bronx and was influenced from infancy by blues music coming from the Mississippi Delta and the Caribbean islands former slaves.

In the early 70´s Jahmings was introduced to the music of Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and Edgar Winter Group. These artists no doubtedly had a great influence on Jahmings outstanding style. He rose to become one of New York City’s toughest reggae acts during the 80’s, with bands like Catch-A-Fire and The Enforcers. In the early 90’s, he moved to Los Angeles and has branched out to become more of a rhythm & blues, rock guitar.

As the years have past, Jahmings’s songwriting has become more personal in the way he tells his stories that typically reserved for the inner workings of the brain. Jahmings questions his existence and the need for suffering, he then channels it directly at the audience and  towards Jah Almighty simultaneously.Listening to Jahmings Maccow helps finding a new perspective on life and the lives of others around you. Maccow preaches peace and love, and is a true voice of a dying generation of reggae music.

His production company, Rebels Production was named after his first released entitle: “Rebels” which was released on the New York City based, Angel Sound Label back in 1981, and it was CO Produced by: Jahmings Maccow and Computer Paul. A well known Reggae/Dancehall Producer out of Jamaica.

Much of today’s reggae music has turned something so pure and beautiful, into a commercialized parody of itself. Jahmings Maccow is taking reggae music back to its roots by focusing on its foundation, storytelling. Stories about life, love, and the social ills of the world, backed by soulful music, seep into your eardrums and touch your heart and soul.

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