Jamie Villarreal is one of those musicians that make you just happy that music is still alive. What do I mean by that ? Well, Jamie is one hell of a guitarists. He has a technique and skill that is unmatched by many talented musicians these days. When you think of guitar heroes , some think of the kick ass game, others think of huge metal band guitarists and some just some think of people they find on you-tube and other social media sites. While searching on you-tube for new artists(which is where I get a lot of our featured artists on this site) I found a guitar player that left me with an amazing feeling. Most guitar players play guitar to get the girls and well, ya know the rest of the story and where it could lead, and others play music just to play because they love it; they love the feeling of creating a song with their fingers. Putting your brains into a guitar riff is what it is all about when it comes to playing an instrument.

Riffs That Defy Gravity


After watching the trailer of his skills, I am completely blown away by his performance. This guy has the skills of almost a hundred people in one. Your face will literally melt with excitement from the riffs this guy is performing. I have been playing guitar for a very long time and this guy makes me look like a super low mediocre guitarists. I must say that this guy does nothing less than impress people with the way he portrays himself as an amazing musician!

The Villarreal Way

Mr. Villarral has a way of doing things that helps other musicians. With a tutorial and background on himself on his channel, he really wants to help other musicians get to his level of guitar playing. This guy does it all:

Guitar Lessons VIA Skype that include :

  • Rhythm playing
  • Lead playing
  • Technique
  • Improvisation
  • Theory
  • Repertoire

I don’t know about you but sometimes the proof is in the pudding and by watching some of his customers on other channels have shown what they have learned and OH MY GOD! This man is a genius

Cover Songs for Days

On his youtube channel, he has several covers of songs. Each song ranging from decade to decade and he makes them his own and also features a couple of you-tube singers. PHENOMENAL !


Some of his other tracks include songs by : DEEP PURPLE, AVENGE SEVENFOLD, WHITESNAKE , SKID ROW,VAN HALEN, WHITE LION, EUROPE, and even RACER X.


Final Thoughts

When I listen to musicians these days I usually get upset that most don’t push themselves to be better. With that said, this guy has had an instrument in his hands since the early of 10. I don’t know about you but he started younger than most artists these days. He has a skill that can be achieved by hard work and by pure talent. Most guitarists dream of being close to what this guy can do. Hell, I know that I do. I know what it takes to be this good and honestly, I just don’t have time, but Jaime did, he made it an effort to better himself better than any of his friends. The crazy thing as I say in a lot of articles, is why doesn’t he play with a signed band. A hell of a lot of bands these days need his type of talent. At least they would sound better over all. Well guys, please visit his website and let him know you heard it from me, that he is by far the best guitar player I have ever seen in my life. God given talent with determination to maser a craft is what he would be defined as. Mastering your craft is where it’s at, and Mr. Jaime def does it well!


-As Always-

Jack Saint

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