Shimi robots playing

What else would robots do next?

After they learned how to dance, talk back to us and clean our houses, the robots are now improvising jazz music with graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Mason Bretan, performs and showcases a part of his PhD research in robotic musicianship. As well of being a drummer and guitar player. He taught his Shimi robots how to accomplish him and improvise using smartphones as part of Georgia Tech’s Robotic Musicianship group.

Making Music with Shimi Robots

As Bretan in this featured video pr-recorded some of the music on the song “What You Say” on the bass lines and drum parts, but you can’t take away how cool these robots groove! Starting on drums Mason moves on to the guitar while the bots join in and each does his part, till the sweet surprise that comes in during the middle of the video.

Would it be long till we see robots jamming in NYC Jazz scene?

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