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When you think of music these days, you are probably thinking about a band that has many instruments with a little rock/country/pop feel. Well my friends, sometimes, just sometimes, you find a band that has a sound that can really just let your soul enjoy music the way it was supposed to be enjoyed. I recently came across a jazz band that I can literally just drink a glass of wine and appreciate music for what it was meant to sound like; I can just sit back in my recliner and put these songs on and just think about the good times in my life. Who am I speaking of you ask? I am speaking of the jazz band, Dor Herskovits Trio. Hailing from Boston, MA, Herskovits and his band comes in delivering some of the softest jazz rifts that I have ever heard. I like all types of music, but this is by far the most relaxing music I have ever listened to. After a long days work, this is the music that I want to listen to. Something that soothes my ears and a sound that I don’t have to strain my ears.

In this trio, the three band members come from far sides of the globe. pianist Isaac Wilson (Los Angeles) and Bassist Max Ridley (Boston) join Dor Herskovits (Israel) on drums, they met as students in Boston, where they quickly found a rare personal and musical connection and immediately started working as a group, each bringing his unique input to the music.

The EP Happy

The Trio has a new EP out that is sure to delight any fan of music. The EP is entitled HAPPY, which is also a title track on the EP. As I listen to each song, I must say, that each song has it’s on entity. Every single jazzy riff delights the ears and lets you feel the meaning behind the songs. The piano riffs mixed with the sensual bass and the pulsating drum beat, this group sure knows how to sell their style to the listener.

“It’s basically the first time I’ve ever called anything mine and i’m excited on what’s to come!” says Dor on his Facebook page, “These guys have been realizing my visions for the music I write and that is a very precious thing…”

Final Thoughts

In my honest musical opinion, I am not a fan of jazz music, but after listening to the renditions of these 5 songs from this band, I am def a fan of this style now. I guess I never let my mind wonder outside the normal listening box. I always wanted to find a sound that I can listen to and just enjoy music for what it was meant to be. You def hear what they are trying to do in the music. I give this band a jazzy 5/5 Stars because this is the first JAZZ band that I enjoy in while now.

-as Always-
Jack Saint

A Jazzy Discovery - Dor Herskovits trio
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