Hey everyone! Mr. Saint here to deliver a brand new pop singer that will be sure to hit that poptastic and poptasity within your musical soil! Today we received an email from a new RnB singer who goes by the name of Jerome Bell. Recently he has released a new song entitled, Burn Easy.

Burn Easy is really one of those songs that will catch your ear the very first time that you hear it. It has the vibes of a Bob Marley song mixed with the smooth vocals of a Baby Face slow jam and also has a fixture of jazz melodies that give you the inclination that Jerome Bell knows every spot to hit ya with during his vocal riffs. The song transcends down a path of grooviness that will surely peak your interest to learn more and also hear more from this talented singer. Jerome Bell is a rising star that will be a force to be reckoned with in the industry!

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-As Always-

Jack Saint

Jerome Bell - Burn Easy
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