In life we figure out what type of music that we enjoy. Well, I enjoy country music along with other music. I really can’t get into the details of the music. But I will say this, I think I have found the reincarnated version of the great Loretta Lynn. That person would be Kate Brown!

Kate Brown Bio

Kate Brown Music

Kate Brown Music

Hailing from good ‘ol southeast Iowa, Kate is a singer-songwriter who has been on the scene since she started cranking out tunes in the late ’90’s.
After the release of her last full length album ‘Ghostman’ Kate toured clubs, coffee shops and living rooms from Seattle to New York before finally taking a break from playing live to work as an actor, teacher and voice over artist in the Chicago area.
Now she’s back on the live music scene in sunny Los Angeles with a bunch of new tunes and inspirations. Kate will be touring a lot this year with her new acoustic EP ‘New Skin’. Currently available for download.

Why I Like Kate Brown

With every generation there comes a new singer that sticks out to them. Our grandparents had Elvis and the Beatles, Our parents had Garth Brooks and Motley Crue and well, we have yet to figure that out. In all honesty, the music of today is a very thin line between porn and pop. Think about it, how many songs out there are just about straight up, Sex and fellatio? I know, I just blew your mind right there with that statement. Name one song that doesn’t discuss the other sex’s actions towards the singer singing the song ? I know there are a couple that don’t , but the majority of the music out there stick to one thing, SEX and SEX, well Kate Brown’s music doesn’t do that. She actually sings about real life situations, though some of her songs may be too hard to comprehend for the younger generation, but for me , they really hit my soul. Whether it be she’s singing about a ex or just everyday life, she has a voice that only a country music fan would appreciate. And that is why I like Kate Brown. 

Kate Brown

Kate Brown is what music should be

Key Points on Why to Like Kate Brown

  1. The first and only point: She has a style that most people won’t understand. If you are fixated with the generic country pop music on the radios, then you def won’t like her style of music. Why? Because the music industry has tried to make us think that music is supposed to be one way when it is supposed to go deeper into our soul. Music is supposed to make you feel good and actually make you feel like you relate to the singer. Yes, some music is amazing and sounds good, but after to listening to a song on the American radio stations, I am def not supposed to have an erection or thinking about banging the next woman I see. I know this may be a little edgy writing, but I am supposed to tell you the truth right? I don’t pull no punches when I am writing about an artist that I truly believe in. Kate Brown has that unique voice that only true country fans will love, if you fit into the category of not liking her style or her voice, then maybe you should rethink your whole idea on music. I’m not belittling you by saying these things, I am simply opening your eyes to see that, ” Kate Brown is what music should be.”, [Kate Brown Management: You can use that quote 😉 ]

Final Thoughts

What else can I say about her music that I already haven’t said. I of course enjoy her style and her music. I give her new cd a 5/5 stars! I think that her music will hit you in a place that you have been longing for. Every song on her new cd is better than the previous. Each song will hit you in a different way than before. With the ghostly voice of a true country singer, Kate Brown will dominate any new and up and coming artist in their tracks. If you think you’ve heard music from the greats, then add Kate Brown to that list. That is a name you will soon be hearing a lot from. Good Luck Kate!


As Always – Jack Saint

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