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When you think of bands that at one time, would have made your parents pull the hair out of their skulls, there could only be one type of music that would do this …. You want to know what style that is? Well it’a metal, pure metal core music! One band that clearly describes this would be the band , Kinasis! A hard rocking band that defines metal to the fullest.


As you can tell, I’m on a bit of a metal core music kick. And why shouldn’t I be? Metal is one of the greatest fucking style of genres there is. Kinasis brings back what metal was and is to come. Ya may question me and ask why I would say that about one certain band; the answer is simple,Kinasis defines what parents hate and what young teenagers and ages of alike really enjoy . Like I stated in previous articles, Metal Music gives you that notion and drive to fuck shit up with just one listen .

Divine Self Intervention

This is one of those albums that ya might want to be listening to while chilling in your car alone. You def don’t want any children around you cause with the opening track that is called, “9.0” ,  you will want to refrain from hitting every god damn thing around you. The hard hitting and pulsating guitar vibes that I got from this album is by far and nothing less that euphorica, in fact, I hope they quote me on this, “THIS ALBUM IS THE REASON METAL CORE MUSIC WAS CREATED! PURE EUPHORICA!”.

Over the last several weeks, I have messaged some bands that I thought would be cool to review, due to me actually really liking and loving their music, especially the album, “Divine Self Intervention” from Kinasis; with that being said, just like how amazing the musical abilities are shown on this album, what I was most impressed with them was by how humble these guys are. With every track on the album hitting you like a brick and feeling like you are falling through a 100 story window into metal madness, these guys are by far the most humble metal core band that I have come in contact with. This album and this band is rates high on my best metal album ever created.

Final Thoughts on Kinasis

Just as I said in the previous paragraph, this band is one of those bands that you wouldn’t think would be so nice due to their persona on stage and in their music videos. To be honest, I was quite scared to get a response from them due to how they are represented as being some of the biggest bad asses in metal music. I know they have their bad days, but everyone reading this article, these guys are the real deal. They are humble and they are one of the best melodic metal bands that have graced our generation. With that being said, I just want to give a special thank you to them for letting me review their album! You guys rock, rock fucking hard ! KEEP IT UP !!!!

– As Always –

Jack Saint

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KINASIS : Giving Your Parents Something to Bitch About
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